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About The Jamaican Francophile

Hi, I’m Danielle, and welcome to The Jamaican Francophile!

Off the bat I feel obligated to tell you that this blog is not a platform for learning French. So, if you came here hoping to find neat lesson plans and promises of mastering the French language within some absurdly short period of time, sorry, but thanks for stopping by. Turn left and try the other thousands of blogs that do aim to teach you French.

Initially, I started this blog with hopes to streamline information about what was happening in the French community in Jamaica, and how Francophiles like me could get involved. Then, I moved to France. And while I lost touch with the Franco-Jamaican community, I gained knowledge and experiences in France that needed to be shared.

So, if you came here in search of an explanation of Le Subjonctif or proper use of the Ne explétif, this just isn’t that site. However, if you came to read about a Caribbean person’s experience on TAPIF, or how I’m trying to prepare for the DALF C1 exam in a year (or so), then you’re in the right place.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed living and writing about it.